Friday, July 14, 2017

How to Handle Tenants’ Complaints
Listen to your Tenants

This is one thing that you will always hear from your tenants and that is complaint. They always make complaints for everything whether it is about leaking faucet or any breakage. They can give a call at any time and you have to be ready for all these. Well you just cannot ignore their complaints as if they will be happy then only you can be happier. It is important to keep your tenants happy as they are paying rent to you and are also following the rules made by you hence it is your obligation to listen to them and also resolve it as soon as possible.

Some Common type of complaints that tenants make are:
·         Noisy Neighbors
·         Maintenance issues
·         Pest problems
·         Pet problems
·         Cleanliness of property/tenants

Here are the steps to handle tenant’s complaints:

Listen to the Complaints
Be a good listener, you must listen to their problems. Be quite and just listen to them what they are actually saying to you. You might have idea about leaking faucet but not the problem they are facing because of this. So at least listen to them what they are saying and also ask follow up questions to know what exactly they are going through.

Be Available
You must be available for the tenants so that they can contact you. You must provide them your contact number and email id to contact you. You should have normal business hours when the tenants can contact you like from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. During these hours be available for the tenants and make sure they would not contact you outside these hours unless it is an emergency. Be sure to have an emergency plan in place at your property so your tenants know what is considered a real emergency and what can wait until normal business house.

Quick Response
Another important factor is how quickly you respond to a tenant’s complaints, depending on the severity of the complaint. If the problem is big and must be resolve quickly then you should immediately fix it without waiting long. This will make your tenants happy and will live sustain a good relationship between you too.

Well, apart from these the best way to handle tenants’ complaints is hire property management maryland. They are not only responsible for managing an investment property but also hire tenants and handle their complaints. They will handle and fix their issues and will manage your property in well manner. So, hire Baltimore property management company to manage tenants’ complaints and to keep your Baltimore residential and rental property well maintained.

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