Thursday, December 7, 2017

Four Types of Questions You Must Ask to Prospective Property Manager
If you know the benefits of professional property manager or management company then you should hire a reliable moving company in you area to manage your property. But before hiring them you must know what to look for in a propertymanagement company and make a wise decision by choosing the right and experienced one. You must visit their office and do a personal interview with the executive or the property manager. And ask the right question to know which one will be the best for your Maryland rental property. So, here are the four types of questions you must ask a property manager while interviewing:

They must have experience in managing property. A fresher company will not be much beneficial for you as an experienced one will be. You must ask about their working experience like:

  • Since how long they are into this industry?
  • What type of properties they are expert in managing?
  • Do they have ever managed a specific type of property like you have or it's the first time they will be doing it?
  • Can they show some previous project reports?

You must also ask about their education that how much they are educated. Do they have any degree or certificate for property management course or what are their highest level of education. Do you have your real estate broker’s or property management license? Most of the states require property manager license to show the apartments. Do you have any certification for property management? In short your over all focus should be in their property management education.

Knowledge of Landlord and Tenants Law
The educated and experienced property manager will know and well aware of the tenants and landlord's law that differ from state to state or countries. So, you must ask the following questions to the property manager:

  • Do you know the landlord's responsibility under the landlord tenants law?
  • Do you know the steps how to properly evict a tenant?
  • Do you have the knowledge of the federal fair housing laws?
  • Do you know the rules of collecting and storing security deposits?
  • Do you know when you can terminate the contract?.

Filling Vacancies/Retaining Tenants
This question will give you an idea if the prospective manager is not good at their job. If they face difficulties for finding tenants or have evicted so many tenants then it is clear that they are worthless. Below are the questions you should ask to know for filling the vacancies to know you are hiring the right company:

  • long does it take you to fill a vacancy? If it will take longer than a month then what are you paying them for?
  • Do they show the property seven days a week? And if yes ask the timing.
  • Where they advertise the property for finding the tenants?
  • What is your process for screening the tenants?
  • Do they have ever evicted tenants if yes, then how many times? This will let you know how well they screen a tenant.

So, these are the basic questions that you must ask in a interview to a property manager. If you will find a company with positive answers for all the questions then you must go with such company or else you can move to another company.